"If knowing was the same as doing we'd all be billionaires with abs."

I could talk about all the good things you need to do to get fit, healthy and lean, but you probably know a bit about them already. The question is why are you not doing them? My aim is to find out where we need to start. What really motivates you? And what do we need to do to stay motivated and focused more often. More information is rarely the answer.


I started personal training in Sydney in 2003. Nutrition and strength training were my two biggest passions back then. I spent a lot of my spare time reading about nutrition, training and supplementation. In 2005 Charles Poliquin came to Sydney to teach his level 1 & 2 strength coach courses, along with his biosignature course. This really opened my eyes to the extent that food, sleep, stress, gut health and many other factors have on your overall physical and mental health and performance.

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I have a simple training philosophy. Your body should be mobile, stable and strong, in that order. This will allow you to perform at your best day to day and stay injury free. 

Experienced, professional personal training

Specialising in strength, nutrition and mobility in Naas, Sandyford and surrounding areas


I have trained with Niall for over 10 years and highly recommend him as a personal trainer. He is an excellent, knowledgable trainer who demonstrates considerable commitment to encourage and to motivate his clients. During the past 10 years Niall has supported me in achieving both my nutritional and strength goals, always providing encouragement and support, especially at times when it was most needed.

I have been working with Niall for a period of 10 years which of itself is testimony to his expertise as a personal trainer. During this time he has provided me with effective exercise programmes specific to my individual requirements. In evaluating the different routines and fine tuning these as necessary, he has always shown himself to be a true professional in his field with exceptional skills in communication and motivation.



I had always enjoyed training but found it difficult to get my nutrition right. Niall showed me where to make simple changes to how I structured meals and it made a big difference. I can still enjoy food just by making better choices day to day. 

I’ve trained with Niall for years now. He is a true professional and his attention to detail is excellent. I’m the fittest, strongest and most energetic I’ve ever been.




7/8 Holly Avenue, Stillorgan Business Park, Sandyford, County Dublin


Mullacash Middle, Co. Kildare, W91 YF67


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